INTERVIEW: An interview with Claire Kramsch

Document Type : Interview


Urmia University


 Prof. Kramsch taught German language and literature at M.I.T. and Applied Linguistics at Cornell University before moving to UC Berkeley in 1990. She is now retired from the German Department and holds an appointment as Professor of the Graduate School. Her major publications include: Discourse Analysis and Second Language Teaching (CAL 1981); Interaction et discours dans la classe de langue (Didier 1984); Reden, Mitreden, Dazwischenreden: Managing Conversations in German (Heinle 1985); Foreign Language Research in Cross-Cultural Perspective (Benjamins 1991); Text and Context: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Language Study (D.C.Heath 1992); Context and Culture in Language Teaching (OUP 1993); Language and Culture (OUP 1998); Language acquisition and language socialization – Ecological perspectives (Continuum 2002); The Multilingual Subject (OUP 2002); the Multilingual Challenge (de Gruyter 2015). Her majors awards include 1988 ACTFL Nelson Brooks Award for the teaching of culture; 1994 and 2009 MLA Kenneth Mildenberger Prizes for Outstanding Research in the study of foreign languages and literatures as well as the Distinguished Scholarship and Service Award from the AAAL. She holds honorary doctorates from the Middlebury School of Languages 1998, St. Michael’s College 2001, and the University of Waterloo 2010, as well as the Berkeley Citation or honorary doctorate from UC Berkeley 2015. What comes below is an interview with her (CK) by Karim Sadeghi (KS) on her contributions to AL.