BOOK REVIEW: Technology-assisted Language Assessment in Diverse Contexts: Lessons from the Transition to Online Testing During COVID-19

Document Type : Book Review


Altinbas University, Turkey


With the sudden and unprecedented emergence of COVID-19 in 2020, the need for secure online assessments that yield reliable and valid interpretations of test scores has become of vital importance. This edited book entitled Technology-Assisted Language Assessment in Diverse Contexts is an attempt to provide insight into test developers, test-users, test-takers, and teachers’ experiences and practices across various settings during the emergent technology-assisted language assessment amid COVID-19. Upon reading the book authored by a cohort of both emerging and seasoned researchers in the field of second language assessment, one may recollect the challenges we encountered when we were compelled to shift all testing operations to an online format in response to the sudden onset of the pandemic. We collectively faced unprecedented difficulties and apprehensions regarding the new testing environment, construct and scoring validity, fairness, reliability, test administration, and security. Adapting pen-and-pencil tests to online test administrations ensued a sense of discomfort among all parties involved. This book is an account of such challenges and the lessons learned for the future.