BOOK REVIEW: Corpus Linguistics for Vocabulary: A Guide for Research, 1st Edition

Document Type : Book Review


Urmia University, Iran


Corpus linguistics is the study and analysis of data obtained from a corpus. The field has been developing considerably in the last two decades due to the great possibilities offered by the processing of natural language with computers. Different types of books on corpus linguistics are available on the market. However, the need for vocabulary corpus studies motivated Szudarski to develop Corpus Linguistics for Vocabulary. It aims to provide a practical introduction to using corpus linguistics in vocabulary studies. Using freely available corpus tools, the author intends to provide a step-by-step guide on how corpora can be used to explore key vocabulary-related research questions and topics such as: what the frequency of each of word in English is and how one can choose which words to teach to learners; how spoken vocabulary differs from written, and how academic vocabulary differs from general; and how vocabulary contributes to the structure of discourse and the pragmatic functions it fulfils.