BOOK REVIEW: Assessing Second Language Reading: Insights from Cloze Tests

Document Type : Book Review


Istanbul Istinye University, Turkey


As assessment assumes a pivotal role in language education, the quest for the most valid, reliable, practical, and all in all, effective assessment has gained momentum (Kremmel & Harding, 2020).  This quest has led to the emergence of different types of testing techniques, one of which is the cloze test (Gellert & Elbro, 2013).  Rooted in his Ph.D. dissertation, Karim Sadeghi endeavors to provide a thorough treatment of the extent to which the cloze test can be employed as an appropriate and valid measure of reading comprehension in his recently published book Assessing Second Language Reading: Insights from Cloze Tests. The book comprises 10 chapters and offers an authoritative account of L2 reading and the cloze procedure before evaluating a range of cloze tests both quantitatively and qualitatively.