BOOK REVIEW: Introducing English for Research Publication Purposes

Document Type : Original Article


Urmia University, Iran


In recent years, English for Research Publication Purposes (ERPP) has turned into a hot debate among scholars. Flowerdew’s (2015) seminal work on the significance of English in scholarly publication prepared the grounds for considering ERPP an independent field. The challenges and intricacies of publication in English-medium high-indexed journals have induced ERPP as a prioritized concern in non-Anglophone communities. This 10-chapter volume (entitled Introducing ERPP) is a timely attempt, yet surprisingly the first, by John Flowerdew and Pejman Habibie on the significance of ERPP in provoking equal opportunities for Anglophone and non-Anglophone scholars to disseminate knowledge. The book adheres to a neat structure with an informative introduction and an insightful conclusion. Other chapters deal with ERPP background (chapter two), the notion of publish or perish (chapter three), English discourses and perspectives (chapter four), theoretical and research grounds of ERPP (chapters five and six), gatekeeping issues (chapter seven), ERPP and digitalization (chapter eight), and ERPP pedagogical directions (chapter nine).