Trust and Job Satisfaction among Private School English Teachers

Document Type : Original Article


Urmia University, Iran


Research on organizational trust and job satisfaction is an over-researched domain within organizational settings. However, whether such a connection extends to educational or language school contexts, has been scarcely investigated in education research. In this study, we report the connection between trust and job satisfaction among English teachers across private language schools and the extent to which age, gender, and experience moderate this relationship. The participants of the present study were selected from among the English teachers of several English schools in Urmia, Iran. We adopted two main questionnaires, namely, job satisfaction and interpersonal trust scales, to collect data. In this study, Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) was utilized to detect multi-group relationships among the variables. The findings yielded a positive association between English teachers' interpersonal trust and their job satisfaction and illustrated that age and experience moderated the relationship between the two variables. We found that teachers with a higher degree of interpersonal trust were more satisfied with their jobs. The findings warrant taking heed of language teachers' job satisfaction at language schools and creating an educational workplace with cooperation and trust among supervisors and teachers.