BOOK REVIEW: Research Methods in Vocabulary Studies

Document Type : Book Review


ELT Department, Roudehen Branch, Islamic Azad University, Roudehen, Iran


As one of the most comprehensive books in the field, Research Methods in Vocabulary Studies contributes a diverse collection of theoretically informed, well-arranged strands of inquiry, and a solid grounding to vocabulary research. The volume includes eighteen chapters that shed light on fundamental concepts and evolving methodological debates in the field encompassing four distinctive foci, namely corpus linguistics, psycholinguistics, language testing, and language teaching and learning. One of the major distinctions that make the volume different from the other recent books in the field like Vocabulary in Language Teaching by Schmit and Schmit (2020), is that it provides a syncretic view of the vocabulary research by gathering data from four different fields systematically that brings a healthy diversity to the field and allows making conclusions with a fair degree of confidence and precision. Consequently, the readers are provided with critical information on the essential underpinnings of each field along with the crucial role they have played in vocabulary research in recent years.