On Idiomatics: A Call to Action, A Call for Action

Document Type : Original Article


University of South Florida, Tampa, United States


Idiomatics—the scientific study of idiomatic language and figurative language—is a pervasive theme in global literature, yet its precise terminology often lacks clear definition. This article addresses this challenge directly by delving into the etymology, significance, and universality of idiomatics. It emphasizes the pivotal role of idiomatics in understanding human behavior and language development, stressing its interdisciplinary relevance. Advocating for idiomatics to gain recognition as a distinct academic discipline, the article calls for the establishment of clear boundaries and methodologies within academia. It concludes with a compelling appeal for collective action, urging idiomatists worldwide to unite under the imperative “Make it happen!” To this end, it presents ten strategic priorities that transcend geographical and linguistic divides, uniting researchers and language professionals in a common mission to advance idiomatics. These priorities underscore the urgency of addressing the current state of idiomatics and shaping its future trajectory, emphasizing the need for decisive action and collaboration. Through concerted efforts, the article seeks to propel idiomatics into new heights of understanding and application across diverse linguistic and cultural contexts, one priority at a time.