BOOK REVIEW: Ethics in Applied Linguistics Research: Language Researcher Narratives

Document Type : Book Review


Urmia University


Ethics can be regarded as an overarching criterion against which the soundness of research studies may be judged. Attention to ethical considerations in conducting and reporting research is increasing worldwide but despite sporadic mentions of its significance in research methods books on applied linguistics, there is no single volume devoted to the topic to the best of our knowledge. This much needed and timely edited volume, Ethics in Applied Linguistics Research: Language Researcher Narratives (ed.), is a collection of chapters edited by Peter l. De Costa with contributions by well-known experts in the field of applied linguistics research. The volume records the research practices of prominent applied linguists from a wide variety of subdisciplines and aims at preparing the next generation of applied linguists with the knowledge necessary to conduct ethical research. In addition to the list of illustrations, acknowledgements, foreword by Lourdes Ortega, list of contributors, and introductory chapter by the editor, the book is organized into four parts, with each part divided into subsections (i.e., part one into two subsections, part two into three, part three into four, and part four into three) orienting on ethical issues in research. The parts encompass twelve self-contained chapters, each authored by a prominent researcher or a team of scholars. Afterword and an index make an appropriate closing to the book.